Peter's News Updates

The last few months have been very varied and interesting regarding the types of problems and dogs that I have been training. From a very big Irish Wolfhound refusing to go into the back of a car taking originally 4 people to push him into it. To an 8yr old Cocker Spaniel guarding the children much to the detriment of the Nanny.

Some very good news for June 2010 a new Golden Retriever puppy arriving in July I am thinking of calling her “Holly” she will be living with my 7yr old Cocker Spaniel “Aimee” and my Goldie “Maisie” who will be 5yrs old this year. So a new addition and a new training dog coming up through the ranks.

Workshop - Dog Training with Sheep. more

At present, Peter Gregory Dog Training is the only training club in Scotland to offer this kind of course. It takes place on the Pentland Hills, near Flotterstone, 2 - 3 times a year. Dates still to be confirmed. Please call for further details.

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