Frequently Asked Questions.

How long is the Beginners’ training course?
The Beginners course lasts for 8 weeks.

What does the course cover?
The course covers heelwork, a variety of stays and recalls, teaching the Leave command and the beginnings of off-lead work plus demonstrations, help and advice on taking your dog in the car, handling canine fears, visiting the vet, socialising your dog and much more!

Do I have to attend the whole 8 weeks?
It is an 8 week course and each week’s work leads onto the following week’s training, enabling you to build on what you have learned and improve your training. If you cannot make certain nights due to holidays/work commitments, please speak to me to see what we can work out.

My dog is badly behaved around other dogs! Can I still come to classes?
If you have any concerns about your dog and potential problems in class, please phone me and we can discuss it. It may be that a private lesson on a one-to-one basis beforehand would eliminate or relieve any problems.

Is it very serious training or will I enjoy it?
The training is taken seriously but with a fun attitude. You will be in the class to train your dog but to have fun doing it!

How many dogs are in a class?
Class sizes vary. You will generally be working in a group of 8 although this will vary depending upon what is suitable for size, breed and temperament of your dog.

Is it all group work?
No. Each night of the course offers whole class, group and individual work.

Is there a certificate of completion for the course?
Yes. All dogs who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of training and a rosette.

What if my dog comes into season or is sick?
If this happens, you are welcome to come along and watch so that you keep up to date with the training and can practice at home. You may be able to borrow one of my dogs to train with in class. If possible, phone me beforehand to keep me informed.

What if I have a problem and need advice during the course?
No problem - either speak to me before the night’s class or after it has finished and I will try to help you. Alternatively, phone me at home (see contact details question below).

Can I join the Intermediate class?
The Intermediate class is largely made up from dogs and owners who have attended my Beginners’ class. However, if you have done previous training or worked with me on a private lesson basis, it is possible to join the Intermediate class. Again, contact me to discuss it.

What happens in the Intermediate class?
The work covers more advanced heelwork, stays and recalls and more off-lead training . The training builds upon the basics already learned in the Beginners’ course and has greater variety. Each dog and owner begin at their own level and improve at their own pace.
Each class normally includes some time spent on fun Agility training using tunnels, jumps and weaving poles.

Do you give private training sessions?
Yes. Many canine problems cannot be solved through attending classes alone. Some dogs and owners need one-to-one training to find the cause of their problem(s) and help to solve them. Each lesson lasts for 2 hours and I normally come to your home during the day or on a Thursday evening.
Please contact me for further details.

I’ve heard you do Training with Sheep. What is it?
From time to time, I run a Saturday morning course on a sheep farm in the Pentland Hills. The course is designed to teach your dog to leave livestock alone.
The morning begins with general training out in the field before you are taken progressively closer to a large flock of sheep. Here you are taught how to handle your dog in close proximity to the sheep. This is done as a group activity under close supervision. Each participant is also given individual help and training to prevent their dog from going near livestock. The cost of this course is not included in the cost of either the Beginners’ or Intermediate courses.
At present, Peter Gregory Dog Training is the only training club in Scotland to offer this course. In addition, the techniques which are taught on this course can be applied in other situations.

Will this course guarantee that upon completion of the morning my dog will always leave livestock alone?
Unfortuantly, no. As dogs are living creatures, not machines and are liable to unpredictable, we cannot offer such a guarantee. However, the course enables you to learn how to train your dog to leave livestock alone and provides owners with the confidence and foundations to continue this training unaided. This knowledge and experience could be invaluable should you faced with a confrontational or dangerous situation between your dog and livestock. It is advised always to exercise great care whenever your dog is in the presence of livestock and to walk dogs on a lead whenever livestock are nearby.

Do you run Ringcraft or Flyball classes?

Do you have any letters of recommendation from satisfied customers?
Yes – many. There are various samples in the Beginners’ course booklet which is given out to all new customers.

I would like to speak to you to book on a course or ask for more information. When is the best time to do this?
The best time to speak to me in person is Monday – Friday between 4.30 and 6pm as I make a point of being available for phone calls at this time. There is an answering service if you do not receive a reply. If you leave your name and telephone number, I will return your call.
Alternatively, email me on


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