I am delighted to act as a referee for Mr Peter Gregory. I have known him for over five years, since he first helped with our older Labrador.

He had been highly recommended by two friends, one of whom had been advised to have her dog put down. Peter worked hard with her and her dog who became safe and friendly and nine years later is 12, elderly but still well behaved!

I then got a Labrador puppy Lennox. Peter did his best to train me to look after him properly, and I had both private and group lessons. His professionalism is impressive and his sense of humour keeps the classes entertaining as well as instructive.

After the older dog died I acquired a second puppy Wallace, 18 months younger than Lennox. I again called on Peter's services and again we've had one-to-one and group classes. The dogs are now four and two and a half and Peter is always available for advice and brush-up classes.

I have now met numerous dog owners throughout south east Scotland who think so highly of Peter that they call on him for each dog they own and many of us go back for repeat courses with him to help keep the dogs under control.

To this end one of his great innovations is "dog training with sheep", where we take our dogs into a field of sheep and then into a small barn with them. We are taught how to keep them behaving correctly in the face of the otherwise overwhelming attraction of chasing, catching and eating fresh lamb!

I and many others have reason to be very grateful to Peter Gregory and I could not hold anyone in higher regard.

Margaret H Thorn
Retired Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

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