In November 2007 our two Golden Retrievers developed behavioral problems following an attack by two small terriers. We contacted Peter and following three one-to-one sessions, in our own home and neighbourhood, a marked improvement in the dogs' behavior was attained. We also had a better understanding of where we were going wrong as owners.

Peter suggested that it would be beneficial to attend his training class in
Musselburgh and we started in January 2008. The training methods are such fun and the opportunity for both dogs and owners to socialise has led to our continued attendance to this day.

We have also participated in Peter's unique "Training with Sheep" sessions on several occasions. These are a great way to reinforce the control methods learned in the indoor classes in an outdoor environment while getting some fresh air and exercise in a beautiful location in the Pentland Hills.
Peter is dedicated to the training and welfare of dogs and is only too willing to provide advice and guidance based on his years of experience.

We are indebted to Peter for his help and are only too happy to recommend him to anyone considering using a professional dog training service.

Mike and Leonie Smith.

  2006. Peter Gregory Dog Training Services
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