We have two mongrel rescue dogs, Charlie aged 7 and Tasha aged 2. Both dogs
have suffered traumas in their lives and sorting them out would have been impossible
without the intervention of Peter Gregory.

Charlie arrived here as a 2 yr old when my older dog Minky was still alive. We knew
he disliked men and could see that he had suffered physical abuse at some point in
time. When Minky died last year, Charlie (then aged 6) was dejected, off his food
and becoming aggressive. He had snapped at various people for no apparent reason
and the vet suggested we get another dog to give him the canine company he needed.
So we rescued Tasha and the situation got worse!

Tasha had been shut in a house with no company (human or canine), had no formal
training and was extremely excitable with no off switch! Charlie's aggression got
worse and living with Tasha was like sharing a house with a troop of monkeys on

Enter Peter. When he arrived we spoke to him without the dogs being present so that
he could get an idea of our personalities and what we were looking to achieve with
regard to the dogs. When the dogs were allowed to meet Peter, he told us within 5
minutes what was wrong with Charlie! And he was right. Charlie had depended on
my old dog for guidance and followed her lead so that when she died - he didn't
understand what we were asking him to do. The arrival of the excitable Tasha
exacerbated his problems and he became even grumpier. Tasha's lack of contact with
people had given her the idea that she could do whatever she liked - whenever she
wanted. And he told us all this in 5 minutes!

Peter has a gift for communicating with dogs and when he arrived at the house for
lessons I was so envious of the way my dogs immediately behaved and listened to his
commands. I am partly disabled and walk with a stick and so Peter tailored all the
lessons to my individual needs.

Both dogs have now attended Peter's classes, which I never thought we would manage
due to their behaviour. Charlie is much more content now and a friend recently
commented, "He's a different dog". My 11 yr old daughter can now walk him with
confidence. Tasha now understands all the basic commands and is calming down as
she's getting older. Her training will continue for some time and I see huge
differences in her since Peter took her in hand - although I wish I had his gift.
I would recommend Peter to any dog owner, whether their dogs have problems or not.
His approach is down to earth and bridges the communication gap between dogs and
humans. And he's a nice guy......

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